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Software Development

Hokuto offers computer program development and 2D/3D CAD customization to meet customer requirements. Providing highly usable softwares help customers to increase efficiency of design and engineering.


Tools for efficient operations

  • Hokuto develops automatic program to create 2D
    projection drawing from 3D CAD model.
    Uniform management of 3D CAD model data and 2D
    drawing data eliminates mistakes and oversights caused
    by manual operations.
    Automatic creation of BOM (Bills of Materials)
    elliminates clerical mistakes and increases efficiency
    of operations.

Tool for studies on application of industrial robots

  • In-house robot simulation program calculates positions and operating
    spaces of industrial robots, which enables interference check and
    motion tracking.
    In order to realize 3D CAD simulaion with high accuracy and usability,
    program development is optimized for each situation.

System for efficient operations

  • Hokuto plans and develops uniform management
    systems to meet customer requests so that
    operators can browse, utilize and modify
    up-to-date data such as specification and forms
    that are commonly used. we offer system shown
    in the left figure as one package.

Development Process

  • The first phase of software development is hearing customer requirements. Our integrated processes include design, implementation, testing, installation and after-sales services. Hokuto offers fulfilling services to meet customer demands constantly.






After-sales Services

  • Programming language

    • Visual Basic
    • C,C++
    • HTML etc.
  • Experiences

    • Tool for studies on application of industrial
    • Database management system for automotive
      product data
    • 2D and 3D CAD customization
    • Tool for studies on application of tooling
    We can develop a variety of software
    programs other than those above.