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Hokuto offers machining services including cutting, manufacture and assembly based on drawings provided by client to meet customer requirements. We offer a wide variety of operations to meet customer demands constantly, dealing with a range of material types from iron, steel to plastics such as urethan and manufacturing from large workpieces to small ones by wire-cut electric discharge machines using 3D CAD data.


Precision machining of plastics such as urethan. (3D cutting using geometry data.)

3D Cutting Surface

  • Drawing

  • Finished product

Manufacturing large workpieces. (NC machining with 5-face machining center)

  • Integrated processes from manufacturing, annealing to finishing.
  • Maximum workpiece size: 6.2×3.5×1.95(m)
  • Automatic operation for 24 hours shorten lead time.


  • We have a variety of machine tools other than those above.
    Utilizing the optimal machine to meet customer requirements,
    cost reduction, short lead time and quality improvement are promised.

Work materials

    • Standard metals such as
      iron, alminium and copper
    • Plastics such as urethan
    • Cast metals